A creative path to recycling

Wood is a natural, renewable and biodegradable material. It has been used since antiquity and its use has marked the evolution of humanity. Its variety and numerous qualities explain its popularity: it fits and adapts to all types of decors, it is very resistant, it always keeps its beauty and certainly gives value to a residence. Its different species (pine, oak, mahogany, douglas-fir, etc.) allow a most varied richness of colors and patterns.

Furnishing or decorating a home can often be expensive. Chance allows us sometimes to make beautiful finds at a lesser price, in a store, a garage sale or even in the street. As the old saying goes: nothing is lost, nothing is created, but everything can be transformed.

For several years, Réjean Lamer has been recycling in a creative way, with recovered materials, objects and furniture. We call this object detournement. Réjean Lamer is also a recovery craftsman. Initiated at an early age by his father, he practiced the craft of cabinetmaker for more than 40 years. He has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of various furniture, including furniture hacks.

As a craftsman, Mr. Lamer does not do mass production; every object he makes is therefore unique. His main motivation is to constantly meet new challenges by working wood with passion. He is a man concerned about the environment and the health of our planet.

If you have antiques and wish to give them a second life or have a project in mind, do not hesitate and contact us through our contact page.

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